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The story before me

May 2nd, 2004 · No Comments

While we are heading down Yesler Friday afternoon on our way to the boat, I see a woman walking ahead of us on the sidewalk. She’s wearing a sleeveless gray dress, a jumper perhaps, made out of wool or other thick fabric. The dress is shaped like a “V” on the top, dipping down in the back. It reminds me of a jumper my mom wore in the ’60s. It’s from another season, time and place.

Her dress is sliding off of one shoulder revealing a thin strap. Her shoulders are also getting sunburned, bright red at the top. It is a hot day and I imagine she must be uncomfortable.

Her left hand is holding onto a little boy. Based on the size of my own kids, he’s probably three or four. He’s wearing a yellow T-shirt with a profile of a skateboarding kid on it, and something about him looks exactly like the T-shirt boy. A cap on his head completes the picture.

I’m watching them as they turn the corner and away from us. I’m wondering where they are going. I’m wondering what is their story.

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