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What this mom wants

May 3rd, 2004 · No Comments

Ah, the ads are out and all over the place, urging purchases for next Sunday’s celebration. I’ve seen everything from vacuum cleaners to lingerie advertised as an appropriate gift for Mom.

But what does it say to give a mother a vacuum cleaner? And what does it say to give her lingerie? I laughed while flipping through the ads, the pages of skinny girls posing, the pictures of shiny electrical appliances, wondering what woman would want to open a box from either Victoria or Hoover on a holiday meant to honor motherhood. Are either of those appropriate gifts for Mother’s Day? Maybe Labor Day or a wedding anniversary might be a better occasion…or any other day….

I’m not expecting many (any?) gifts for Mother’s Day. Every day is Mother’s Day in some sense: every day someone in our family says thank you to me or gives me a hug. Yes, it’s nice to be recognized. I like cards and gifts. Sure I wouldn’t mind having a better machine for my domestic duties or some other things …But it’s just as easy to express gratitude without expending money on household machinery. What I want doesn’t come from a wallet. All this mom wants is some simple affection. A little appreciation. And it doesn’t have to all be dolloped into one day of the year. No purchase required.

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