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Running a late-night Taxi service and other lessons

May 2nd, 2004 · No Comments

John Porcaro honored his parents with a lengthy post celebrating their 50th anniversary. It’s an excellent synopsis of what he learned from his mom and dad. Here are some title highlights:

  • There’s No Such Thing as Getting Rich Quick
  • Sometimes a Car is Just a Car
  • Most of Life’s Great Lessons Occurred Around the Dinner Table
  • Just Being There Can Sometimes Be Enough
  • Giving Your Life for Your Kids Might Mean Giving Your Life for Your Kids
  • Keeping an Eye on Your Kids Might Mean Running A Late-night Taxi Service
  • Love Your Kids No Matter How Much Personal Pain They Might Cause

    I’m encouraged and amazed to read about a husband and wife, married half a century, who raised 12 children, made a solid home base of love and security for the family, and gave them a rich legacy. I can only hope and pray that my kids might receive some sliver of this from Ted and me, and feel the same gratitude some thirty-eight years from now….

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