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Excuse my joy please

May 5th, 2004 · No Comments

I got up early to help the crew that is going to the airport this morning (Ted, Ted’s parents, Abigail) get out the door. Checking my email I find a birth announcement from friends whose son was born a couple hours ago (in time for breakfast like 2 of mine were!). The message includes a cute photo of the bundled baby. And better yet there’s a link to a blog, where the couple had started posting labor updates last night – wow! Baby announcements get me excited, and so do pictures and birth stories…never mind a blog and comments section each with an RSS 2.0 feed….

The accompanying soundtrack in my mind is one we played last night on the stereo. The girls love Aaron Copland’s choral works on the American Songs CD:

Come fathers and mothers Come
sisters and brothers Come
join us in singing the praises of Zion…

I’m a morning person and like getting up early anyway but this news has definitely made me cheery at this early hour….

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