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WhatsHisName was here: I’ve got proof !

May 8th, 2004 · No Comments

Now it’s my turn to do a birding post! This morning after I came back from my jog, I saw The Pheasant in the grassy area behind our home. I’m not sure how many of these birds are on the island. I have seen this one wander around the neighborhood from time to time but he’s usually dashing across grass, running too fast to photograph. Yet he is hard to miss with his vibrant colors, white ring neck, and loud call.

I’ve also seen one on a busy street a few blocks from here: traffic stopped so he could cross. This time Mr. Pheasant had with him Mrs. (or Ms.? Miss?) Pheasant. She is a bit harder to see in her camoflage attire. My picture itself is a bit fuzzy (new camera needed?!) due to the distance but here are better pictures of the ring-necked pheasants. I also enjoyed this Washington state pheasant habitat map and this bit of history

The first successful introduction of the species in the U.S., by Judge O. N. Denny, was in 1881 in the Willamette Valley of Oregon. Judge Denny first introduced the Ring-necked Pheasant into Washington about 1883 in southeastern Washington, where it was formerly referred to as ‘Denny Pheasant’.

So perhaps I should call it “Mr. Denny”.
Or based on this fuzzy photo – maybe Loch Ness Pheasant (I’m reminded of Debra’s Loch Ness photos here )! Hey, at least I’ve got proof I saw him!

Or maybe it’s Phil – as someone else on the island calls one of these guys….

Here’s a few other names I could use..from an older article in the Bremerton Sun describing the one I’ve seen walking around the shopping area and busy street (and maybe in my backyard) Just call this bird Mooch:

“We call him Mick,” explained Pizza Factory manager Coll Andrews, “’cause he walks like Mick Jagger.”

I wonder if he could sing to me one of my favorite childhood songs…after all it sounds like he’s playing the field and not getting much satisfaction in any one spot…

Across Highway 305 at McDonald’s on High School Road, there was shock all around at the news that the bird they know as Herbie has been making the rounds at other establishments.

“Oh my God, he’s hitting the bank and the pizza place,” said Assistant Manager Jim Cox. “I’m starting to feel a little jealous.”

Hmmm…. some other names for this bird are coming to mind right now…think I’ll stick with “Pheasant”, for the children’s sakes…..

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