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Learn to drive better – and younger

May 8th, 2004 · No Comments

As Lisa Williams put it, I’m no Mario Andretti when it comes to driving. Okay, she said this before meeting me, while quoting a piece I had written about my Bad Driving. Come to think of it, when I was in Boston with her, she didn’t let me take a turn at the wheel for some reason…actually I was constantly assessing the traffic situation in the city and telling her “I’m glad you’re driving!”

It took me much practice to be able to pass the driving test. But now I know my children will be spared my fate. Just as Suzuki begins violin study early in life, and various phonics programs create young readers, so I believe that this traning program offered by my local grocery store will provide my children with the opportunity and practice they need to get a head start on the difficult world of driving.


And two can train at the same time, one steering wheel each – a thoughtful design! I wasn’t too crazy about these big bright carts – they are something that years ago I would have shunned in dismay as a gaudy waste of plastic – but now as a mom I find I am using them….after all, despite the genetics, I can hope…

Note: I’ve had this picture in my file for a while, even forgot about trying to post it, but a post yesterday by somebody somewhere getting into an accident reminded me of it…(Sorry to hear about it, Jay. We’ve been there and done that…a few times…)

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