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“It just brightened up!”

May 23rd, 2004 · No Comments

Michaela’s delight at watching her first Polaroid picture develop – at the dentist’s office. Each child visiting the dentist has a picture on the wall – and gets to update it at the next appointment. So far Abigail has a little collection of Polaroid photos from her first appointments.

Polaroids provide good memories. I remember someone taking pictures of my friends and me on Halloween and birthday parties. Gypsy Julie with red shawl and bangles. Farmer Julie with straw hat and freckles. It was fun to take them home with us, souvenir photos. There was something magical in watching the white turn into color, seeing something come from nothing before our eyes.

This first Polaroid picture at the dentist might be the only place our girls experience Polaroids any more!

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