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Share to Heal

May 23rd, 2004 · No Comments

Shephali Sharma through her weblog Share to Heal has encouraged me this past week. I found Shephali when she found me here. What she says stays with me through the day and I think about her stories. Such as An unforgettable day

I thought what if the car wouldn’t have stopped? She could have got hurt or may be worse. Would I have been responsible for it in some way? Did I know the woman so much in a few minutes of observation that I felt so much for her?

I’ve also appreciated her posts on Iron needed for memory and thoughts on co-pays.

I like her poetry, her recipe and her cute baby boy. Thanks for refreshing me with beauty!

She’s also practical. Here’s a snippet from her essay on cooking

Now the question arises – DO I ENJOY cooking? Well, I have a very diplomatic answer for this. I love cooking special recipes on special occasions. Hmm…so the bottom line is, I don’t enjoy cooking everyday! Doing the same meal (the staple diet which consists of rice, pulses and vegetables) is really monotonous affair for me. Anyway, you have to live and for that you need to eat and for eating you need to cook. 🙂

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