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Puppy Love

September 3rd, 2003 · 3 Comments

Also through reading Anita’s LOL blog , I discovered Fragments from Floyd’s wonderful Pup Chronicles (Alpha Male) describing life with his new little Labrador, Tsuga.
We don’t have any pets, and although the girls are already asking for a dog, based on what Fred writes about his sleepless nights I don’t think we’ll be adopting a puppy any time soon …we’re still recovering from baby sleep deprivation!

But those of us who can not have a Tsuga can vicariously enjoy him through the wonders of weblogging and Fred’s generous journaling: “This is for us, but you can share if ya wanna.”

After reading these adventures, I will say that a puppy is becoming more tempting…don’t think I’ll show these entries and photos to our girls…..
Ah, after all, who can resist such a face
Who can resist falling in love with a puppy?

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  • 1 fredf // Sep 4, 2003 at 1:49 am

    Right this minute, I could make you a really good deal on a just-slightly-used yellow lab. Will throw in chewtoys no charge.

    It was two years before Buster settled down and got smart. Puppies are a high-maintenance addition to a family, sounds like you have your handsful already! Enjoyed the photoalbum btw.

    I hope to keep up Alpha Male for Tsuga’s first year, then look back at this as ‘notes’ for a possible little book.

    Glad Anita steered you our way. When you do get a dog, labs are so great with kids (AFTER they survive each other’s puppyhood).

  • 2 fredf // Sep 4, 2003 at 2:03 am

    Email from your comment bounced to email addr as entered, so will send it here instead…

    Meant to tell you that your front page first showed the sidebar, then it disappeared and the main column consumed edge to edge on my monitor at 1152 x 864 resolution or else I had to scroll side to side to read to the end of sentences.

    Just thot you’d want to know and crawl back under the hood (Gee, there’s an archaic term. Nobody crawls under the hood anymore, they just pull out the frazzled computerized dufrangle and replace the $ucker. Computers have replaced car engines as the under-the-hood tinkering mode for us modern
    macho types).

  • 3 Katherine // Sep 10, 2003 at 2:02 am

    Oh boy, oh boy. Our Ginger (at 3 months) is quite a handful, yes. Yellow lab like Tsuga, but darker (caramel color), and bigger. Today was a good day. I told her I loved her, then quickly and cautiously modified that to, “I like you right now.” Don’t want to be hasty on these things. But her face does elicit some sweet nothings quite often. Last week at this time I was wanting to do as Fred suggests above – relocate her to a new home with another loving family, along with her chew toys, crate, gates, bowls, dog food, poop bags, leash, collar, and dog books. So we’ve come a ways. Or maybe today was just a good day. We’ll see how tomorrow goes, I guess!