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Rocks that have tales to tell and other photos…

July 19th, 2004 · No Comments

An article in the Bremerton Sun this spring described the history behind Bainbridge Island’s Frog Rock. This split boulder, painted green with red lips and large amphibian eyeballs, is an island landmark and one that I enjoy seeing out the window, on the rare occasion that we drive up to the north end. I like it enough to put a picture of it on the top of this blog’s page.


Actually the Frog Rock and Lady Bug sidekick in this photo are replicas, miniatures re-created at a playground on the island, so that kids can enjoy them too. Our family is fond of Frog and Lady Bug, small or large version.

It’s fun to learn the life of this legend, which involves explosions and bus windows:

A farmer by the name of Leonard established a farm on Spargur Loop Road. He was building an all-electric dairy barn, and the boulder was in the way. Mr. Leonard hired a powder monkey — an explosives expert — who drilled a hole deep into the boulder and set off a dynamite charge.

A short distance away, Joe Sievertsen was driving his combination school bus and delivery wagon. It was known affectionately as the “chicken coop” because it smelled of children, chickens and hay.

The blast blew out the bus’ back windows. Once Sievertsen got over the shock, he was furious and went back to the scene of the blast. I’m sure he gave Leonard and the powder monkey a piece of his mind. Fortunately, the bus was empty at the time.

Now that this blog has an RSS feed for entries and for comments, I imagine that the page itself in all its html glory with pictures and colors doesn’t get too many views. As Ted has noted, he only reads in his aggregator.

I read blogs for the ideas — the content. In order to facilitate that, I use an aggregator, which strips away some of the personality. I no longer see the designs that people have labored so hard over. While I certainly appreciate the designs, it’s the quality of the ideas that really grabs me.

As an aggregator user myself, I don’t know who sees Frog and Ladybug pose on this page. The stats tell me that the xml feed is accessed five times more often than the top page of this blog.

However, I thought while I was mentioning Frog Rock, perhaps I should explain the other photos near the blog title.


This is a bench hidden in a shade garden on the north side of the Bainbridge Public Library.


I took this photo on a sunny day at Battle Point Park in February.


Tulips from our yard.


A view of the island from the ferry at sunset.

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