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A fun way to spend a sunny Saturday: Blogger picnic

July 17th, 2004 · 4 Comments

Thanks to everyone who came over to Bainbridge this morning for the blogger picnic. It was fun!

Ted, the girls and I managed to find a space in a nearby parking lot a little before our meeting time of 11:30. We waited on a bench near the music booth and a lavender bush, the girls resembling an advertisement for Flaphappy hats


First to meet us was fellow islander Chip Gibbons, taking a break from his remodeling projects at home. Perhaps this was the second meeting of the Jay McCarthy fan club, but none of us yet were wearing shirts from makeoutcity.com (the blog where we “met”). However now we could also wear Chip’s Binary Circumstance attire (to avoid making this mistake again at our next meeting…I’ve ordered one of each!).

Then Anita Rowland and Michael Hanscom arrived, walking to the Farmer’s Market from the 10:40 boat. Michael, who woke up early this morning, was recognizable by his Utilikilt. Anita brought a couple knitting projects and showed me two different stitches. As she had said she might do, she took a look at Churchmouse.

Later arrivals to our picnic included the Scobles and Beth Grigg. Robert seemed well-rested from his blog vacation yet he came wearing his I’m blogging this T-shirt (hmmm 😉 ). Since I last saw Maryam, she’s joined the ranks of those-who-work-from-home: a good deal 🙂

Left to right: Ted, Anita, Maryam, Robert, Chip and Michael

I hadn’t met Beth before this picnic but we had found each other earlier this year through Lenn’s blog. She came despite automobile difficulties, bringing along six-week-old baby Owen whom all adored, including our “baby” who is used to being the youngest.


After picking up food at the Farmer’s Market (sausages, fajitas, vegetarian satay, eggrolls and fried rice) we hung out at Waterfront Park, surprisingly quiet for a sunny Saturday. We had the grassy area to ourselves mostly, moving from one table to another as the sun moved in the sky. It was fun to have conversations. I was glad to get to know everyone better. The conversation ranged from housing to babies to Bainbridge to past lives to automobiles to dental work to Utilikilt etiquette.

Our daughters got a few picnic guests wet by playing with water. I was amazed we went through two bottles, and Anita unsuccessfully searched for replenishment in the park. She was generous and gave the girls a fan from her wedding for amusement. Elisabeth liked to peek through it. Michaela showed Michael her owie on her middle finger 😉 Thanks to everyone for their grace and understanding for our kids!

As is true for many island events, the picnic ended as people went to catch an afternoon ferry. I’ve lived here long enough to know how long it can take to get from one shore to the other, and I’m grateful for the bloggers who made the boat trip to come over to Bainbridge on a summer Saturday. Special thanks to Anita for encouraging this Farmer’s Market excursion.

Thanks to everyone who came. I know that there are many who wanted to come but couldn’t. We missed you tyd, Myk, Jeffy, Cat, Fran, Garrett… and others.

Now it’s our turn to travel across the water for a get-together. I don’t think we’ll make the Meetup this coming week: we like to go to the island concerts at Waterfront Park on Wednesday nights in the summer. But we’ll be coming to see everyone sometime soon…

Notes of what I learned from the picnic… include:

  • Sending my cell phone number to prospective picnickers turned out to be a good idea.
  • I need to bring more than two water bottles for our family…
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    • 1 Robert Scoble // Jul 18, 2004 at 12:42 am

      Thanks Julie for hosting the lunch today! That was a lot of fun. Nice to get out of the house on my blogging vacation. The blog will start up on Monday again.

      Oh, and we’ll have a geek dinner on the 29th in downtown Bellevue. Dan Appleman (co-founder of APress books) is coming.

    • 2 Rhonabwy // Jul 18, 2004 at 10:31 pm

      In more “goofing off” news…

      In more “goofing off” news, I wanted to report that while many LucasArts games are really quite good, the company…

    • 3 eclecticism // Jul 19, 2004 at 10:09 am

      Up, up and at ’em

      Guess it’s about time I should poke my head up around these parts again, huh?

    • 4 Julie Leung: Seedlings & Sprouts // Nov 18, 2004 at 12:33 am

      Sweet treats

      After our appointment this morning, I treated the girls to chocolate frozen yogurt. Since we were in the neighborhood, it was easy to see Beth Grigg and her sons. Little Owen sure had grown since we met him in…