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Kissing Day and Loving Day

June 10th, 2004 · No Comments

Just a Gwai Lo has been writing about kissing, and linking to other writings about kisses. This piece by Joan Smith elaborates on the history and significance of kisses – a little like my own post What a kiss can say. I didn’t know that National Kissing Day is July 6 – in Britain – but why not make it worldwide?!

I also didn’t know Loving Day is June 12 – or what it celebrates – until Toadking told me with his link..

Two thoughts:

  • How will Kissing Day be different from any other day of the year?
  • Loving Day has directly impacted how I can celebrate Kissing Day 🙂

    A third one:

  • I think we’ll celebrate both! 🙂

    On this note, I think I’ll start to get ready for my husband to get home…although he just called to say he’ll be home on the 12:15 boat…

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