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I’m not usually into these things…

June 10th, 2004 · No Comments

Okay, I’ll surprise everyone and say that my feminine identity is not based on makeup or malls, despite the stereotypes. Maybe once in a while I head to the mall, but I’m generally not a shopper. But I like this feed I found through Scobleizer with the acronym of RSS: Real Simple Shopping.. Stuart Wilson subscribes to email mailing lists from companies and then puts the information into a feed – so that I don’t have to subscribe myself and deal with all the email. For example, the entries from Tuesday include Sears, Expedia, Eddie Bauer, Bose and MacMall. When I do shop, I like to buy a bargain. And if I can find a bargain easily by looking in my aggregator every day, as I already do, then that works for me. Yet another reason to get an aggregator….

Although I’m not a fan of Avon or cosmetics, I find I am enjoying Beauty Dish , A Blog all about Avon and Life (the adventures of an Avon Lady) which I first discovered via Scoble. In particular this post The Customer Is Always Right brought me a smile and a last line I’ll keep remembering…

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