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If you give a girl a camera…

June 10th, 2004 · No Comments

somehow the other morning as I was painting the laundry room, I gave Abigail the camera (I think I wanted her to document the changes)…and she ended up taking pictures of me. In my eagerness to start – after waking up late – I had rolled out of bed, put on my paint clothes (an old pathobiology T-shirt, an appropriate shade of pink) but not my contacts, and started to work.

As she took pictures, Abigail said, “You can post these on your weblog!”
So to prove that I did wash the walls, that I am not too vain, and that I will take directions from my daughter on occasions…:) I’m posting the following glamorous photo…


This photo makes me appreciate this great truth: one of the marvelous things about marriage and family is that people love you when you’ve just woken up, bedhead, bad breath, glasses and all!

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