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Proof we exist: Anon-o-Con photos

July 1st, 2004 · No Comments

Not philosophy but photography…Here are a couple pictures Chip Gibbons took at the Anon-o-con on June 12.

Now just in case you are still wondering whether Ted and I are figments of each other’s imaginations, or if you protest that the only picture I’ve posted of us together is three years ancient, here’s what we look like when someone is trying to take our photo as we’re sitting outside…


And here is the first meeting of the Pacific Northwest chapter of the makeoutcity.com fan club: Ted, Chip and me (on a ferry boat bench). Would anyone else like to join? Jay, do you have Cafe Press items? For it to truly be a club, we need matching makeoutcity.com T-shirts…oh, and autographed pictures too…;-)


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