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Adventures await

July 5th, 2004 · No Comments

The other morning we tried to make it out to enjoy the low tide. I figured we ‘d go downtown to do errands then head to the Eagle Harbor beach at Waterfront Park


The rental dock features a sweet swan and offers the enticing slogan Adventures Await…although these boats trapped in the low tide won’t be seeing the sea any time soon.


Waiting by the water’s edge, this rowboat looked quite tempting. However walking out to it was another adventure. I had only been on the beach in relatively low tide. I had no idea it was a beach of muck and plants. Shellfish sprayed jets of water, their burrows evident, holes amidst the mud…and it was also clear why the Suquamish tribe once camped there in the summers and feasted on clams.

The girls ran ahead of me and soon discovered that the beach wasn’t sand but quicksand


They were trapped, unable to move their boots from the mud. I had to carry each one up the beach to a safer place, and then go back to pick up the boots, using two hands to removed them from the suction of the muck…the rescue involved some screaming, lots of muddy clothes and shoes, and laundry later…

Adventures await indeed….

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