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Great minds think alike

July 5th, 2004 · 1 Comment

or so they say…maybe these bloggers will beg to differ with me…

  • Via danah boyd, I read this paper on age and gender in blogs the other morning but by the time I had time to write about it, Lisa Williams had beaten me to the post, and included many of the same conclusions I had had.
  • I agree with j’s response to Jay’s new structure for his blog…except I can’t offer any consulting services… Yes, a new picture, please. And perhaps a color change: the red tone isn’t as pleasing to the eye, at least for me… how about blue…isn’t blue one of your favorite colors, Jay? And whatever you do, be sure to make the blog and T-shirt design compatible… I like the lowercase font you’re using…and I know there’s at least one blogger who wasn’t at our first meeting, yet another fan pining away for a makeoutcity.com shirt…;-)
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    • 1 j's scratchpad // Jul 12, 2004 at 7:44 am

      Jay’s Considering a New Design for makeoutcity

      Jay McCarthy of makeoutcity is considering a new design for his blog, including new categories and a new category structure.