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People are people…

July 17th, 2004 · No Comments

Reading through blogs this week, I found insights on life, love and human nature that stayed with me through the days…

Chan Eddy described the new love he’s found in his life

I guess you could say that we each fill holes in each other’s lives that we hadn’t even known were there. We love each other deeply. Not the “hearts and roses” kind of love, but something far stronger and more enduring. That, and I believe I can safely say that we are each other’s best friend. It may sound corny, but the one thing I’ve learned from so many successful married couples is that friendship is as important as love. They help balance each other, something that too many relationships I’ve seen and experienced lack. That’s why they ultimately fail.

Tara Liloia found love in her luggage

Dave’s the kind of guy who put thirty “I love you” notes into every conceivable piece of luggage I own, so that I’m still finding them a week later.

John Porcaro connected over dinner.

At first, I thought we’d end up talking about Xbox and maybe blogging, and was pleased when we had a great conversation about kids …[…]… I think people are more similar than they are different.

I’m not sure how I would answer what Colene asked:

Do you lead with your head or your heart?
Is your heart supposed to catch up with your head? Or is your head supposed to match the tone of your heart?
Heart versus head. Does one defer to the other? Should it? And in what circumstances?

Congrats to Lauren who bought something big…

It has trees! Flowers! A basement that doesn’t smell! It even has jets in the tub!
Dude, I’m a homeowner.

Foe Romeo described the magic of words for the young.

Children are ritualists; they believe in the power of certain gestures and words.

David Weinberger wrote on convention and ritual:

… no matter how ordinary we want to make our public lives, it seems we can’t quite keep the extraordinary out of it.

Like love…

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