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How to Belly Dance for Your Husband

July 21st, 2004 · No Comments

One of the stops on our shopping tour today was a Bainbridge boutique that was having a special discount sale. I don’t often shop on the island. Many of the stores feature clothes that don’t go well with playdough. They don’t fit well on park playdates bending over babies or into a budget featuring stay-at-home-mommies. They are impractical outfits for a number of reasons. When and where will I wear a svelte black and white number with spaghetti straps, not Spaghettios!

However, due to the practical locations, I’ve started browing through some of the stores in town. I like some of the clothes I see and I find that sale prices can make purchases more affordable.

Today my favorite store was offering 20% off any items remaining from their semi-annual sale. Over the past few days I was a shopper stalker. I perused the racks repeatedly, examining what I could buy at bargain. When I fell in love with a pink shirt decorated with delicate butterflies, I thought I’d wait and see if it was still there this morning…

and it was! So I grabbed it off the rack and brought it home. Looking at the designer’s website And Cake I saw many other shirts, but none with the butterfly design. Perhaps that is why it was on sale; it’s no longer current. There are plenty of other options: cats, dogs, florals and horses.

And a category called conversationals featuring one that says

How to Belly Dance for Your Husband

Belly Dance is offered on Bainbridge. It’s a class I could take. Perhaps it would help me in the Talent Competition for Mrs. America. Ever since reading this article in Slate, I’ve been thinking of trying to get my own tiara to wear to the grocery store. Okay, I’m kidding. Perfecting the ability to parade across a stage in 5-inch heels and a swimsuit would require far too much effort (although I’d love to answer the questions about how I liked pregnancy!). But one line in particular from Emily Yoffe’s Human Guinea Pig piece has stuck in my mind, the end of a paragraph as she describes practicing for the swimsuit portion of the pageant in front of her husband….

When I was pregnant I borrowed a pair of his sweat pants that I have since refused to return. I wear them constantly, usually topped with a stained T-shirt. Because of bunions, I haven’t worn high heels in years. As I watched my husband watch me, face agog, I realized, although I was heading for the Mrs. crown, what a lousy Mrs. I’ve been.

Sometimes I feel I’ve been a lousy Mrs. too…Maybe buying that T-shirt and learning to Belly Dance for my husband would be just the thing…

No, I won’t give any demos 😉

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