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One year old! And other reasons to party…

July 26th, 2004 · 4 Comments

On July 20th, this blog celebrated its first birthday! Like any one year old, it was unaware of the date or its significance and couldn’t eat the cake. There’s still a bit of frosting stuck on the screen….

Any attempt to summarize the past year with one post would be foolish and lengthy, not that I’ve never written posts that would fit those descriptions. When I first started, I thought a blog would be a good way to get my writing in shape. I didn’t imagine all the places I’d go and the people I’d see…both on-line and in person. Thanks to everyone for reading, writing, linking, posting and commenting. Thanks for the corrections and connections. Thanks for the fun.

Someone else who celebrated a first birthday this month is Spark! Hurray!

Nally turned two with a bouncy party thrown by her blogger parents..

Other birthdays celebrated this month so far include:

Dean Esmay received a sweet serenade from The Queen

Jeff Jarvis got a lot of comments for his fiftieth.

Dooce’s Pepto-worshiping-other-half Jon

Ariel’s soon-to-be-groom Andreas

Snippy got to get away for the day.

Jacqueline Mackie Paisley Passey celebrated with a party.

Fran reflected on the past, present and future.

Brian D. Buck had a birthday…and has a great garden.

Faeona got a 9 on her Apgar test.

This is a beautiful picture of a birth day.

The cake and ice cream continue…

Frank Paynter and his wife will finally have a daughter.

Happy 10th anniversary to the couple who backup Backup Brain

Joi Ito is going back to school.

And Tara Liloia took a new job…and Michael Hanscom got a new position (more diurnal hours – hurray!)…

Looks like I’ve been blogging about as long as Beth Donovan has too…

Congratulations to all!

Thanks to Katherine for her attention to detail and listening ears…!

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4 responses so far ↓

  • 1 enoch choi // Jul 26, 2004 at 5:25 pm

    thanks for the links… the links are broken though (trailing ‘/’):

    Nally turned two with a bouncy party thrown by her blogger parents..

  • 2 Randy Charles Morin // Jul 26, 2004 at 5:28 pm

    Congrats on the first year of blogging. Decades to come!

  • 3 enoch choi // Jul 26, 2004 at 6:52 pm

    thanks for fixing the post so fast 😉 congrats on a year!

  • 4 Julie // Jul 27, 2004 at 11:04 pm

    Thank you, enoch and Randy!