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Things you can do while listening to Dave Winer’s CoffeeNotes

July 26th, 2004 · No Comments


Saturday night I listened to Dave Winer’s CoffeeNotes audio post. While the MP3 played, I made pairs of earrings from abalone and flower beads. I thought it was fun that Dave has talked about showing beauty on blogs (as I have elaborated) and I was listening to his blog and making something beautiful. I felt it would complete the circle to post my creations here.

I also listened to Philippe Boucher’s interview with Debbi Lester, publisher of Art Access. Listening to the creativity from Dave Winer’s programming to Debbi Lester’s painting inspired me.

In his notes, Dave Winer talks about how he searched to find the right microphone to take to the Democratic National Convention today. The way he described his recent coding, traveling and shopping experiences was cute and fun. Dave at one point said what I wanted was the kind of microphone Madonna uses. I wondered whether Dave will be wearing appropriate clothing to go with his new microphone? After all what does one wear as a blogger at a convention? Something unconventional? Dressing Madonna-style at the DNC might even be appropriate, as one blogger has speculated about the singer’s current re-invention. 🙂

Madonna is known for her creativity and Dave Winer has created a wonderful site for convention bloggers, aggregating feeds. I think it’s beautiful. Thanks, Dave. Thanks to Dave too I now have the NPR news feeds in my aggregator. We will be listening…

This morning the girls and I listened to the CoffeeNotes from yesterday. It’s Dave and a microphone, fun and brave. My favorite moments included when the worker at the T said he could buy a token but you don’t have to use your mike. I also appreciated the interview with the youngest delegate from Iowa who wants to be a biochemist! 🙂

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