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Buy donut stocks!

July 27th, 2004 · No Comments

As if the news last week (via MetaFilter) of Krispy Kreme’s new drinkable version of the company’s signature doughnut wasn’t enough incentive, today’s Democratic National Convention report from Dave Winer guarantees that donut stocks should be on the BUY list…

Well, the convention has started. It’s boring beyond belief. It can only get better. Everyone on the floor is mulling around, chatting. Can’t understand what the speakers are saying. It sounds like this: blah blah blah John Kerry blah blah Kerry Edwards blah blah values values values blah blah John Kerry blah blah blah standing at a crossroads blah blah. There’s a din in the room. I had to go get a Dunkin Donuts iced coffee to stay away. Zzzzz. Blah blah K-E-R-R-Y blah blah Kerry Edwards and you. Thank you very much.

Probably one of my favorite posts from Dave ever 😉

Whaddya wanna bet that Massachussetts-based Dunkin’ Donuts will post stellar profits from this current quarter…?!

Today I’ve enjoyed David Weinberger’s thoughtful bed bug convention coverage and I’m also checking in with local blogger Natasha of Pacific Views who is on the scene. I liked what Jay Rosen posted on the absurdity of it all (back to his old style!) and Jeff Jarvis explained why he didn’t go.

As far as what I’ve experienced of the convention, all I had time to hear today was a few minutes broadcast on the radio around 6:30 pm as I was preparing dinner. It was analysis of analysis on NPR, speculators bouncing speculations. It was enough to convince me that I think I’ll stick to my RSS feeds. In my aggregator I’ll read the news and I’ll read what bloggers are writing. No caffeine necessary to keep me awake for these…

But for those thousands of others at the Fleet Center this week….it’s time for me to go update my portfolio…after all donuts shops are only vehicles for caffeine delivery… for Coffee puts the “dunk” in Dunkin’ Donuts.

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