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Too hot

July 29th, 2004 · No Comments

It’s been hot here, but the heat isn’t the reason why Abigail has a fever. The poor girl was complaining of a headache yesterday while we were driving to Tacoma; I finally checked her temperature last night after we got home. I think I’ll be spending the day taking her to the doctor. We’ve had a busy week with adventures in the home and on the road. But maybe things will slow down until Abigail gets better.

I have some posts in draft that are day-old or so….I’ll see if I can post them later today….priorities are priorities and there’s a sick six year old upstairs who needs my care….( as well as her two younger sisters, of course…)

Earlier this week Beth Grigg posted that Everyone here is running one (a fever). Even me!

Like Katherine, I’m surprised by summer sickness….

Hope you are keeping cool and healthy…

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