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It smells like black!

September 15th, 2003 · No Comments

Here’s some statements made by the girls these past couple days….

Abigail, yesterday, commenting on the aroma of Compound W , our latest wart weapon: It smells like black!

(By the way, thanks, Enoch , for the link but duct tape, as Jacob wrote, doesn’t work well on feet – especially in our family. Wish it did!)

Today Abigail, Michaela and I did a little “water purification” experiment – from Super Science Secrets – according to directions we mixed water with dirt and then filtered it out using alum and coffee filters…I was trying to explain to the girls what a filter is and how it works. So I showed them the coffee machine we keep ( to placate the addicts who visit our home!) as well as the coffee stash in the freezer.
When I opened up the coffee package (Starbucks House) to let them smell it, both girls cried: “Yummy!”
Guess they’re Seattle girls!

On the way to swimming lessons today I was trying to explain to Abigail that she would have a new teacher since her teacher from last summer was now back at college. So Abigail wanted to know what college was….
Abigail asked : Do you get shots?

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