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Poetry in motion

September 2nd, 2004 · No Comments

One of Robert Scobles’ brother-in-laws is the Bard of the Buses in Wales.

Keyvan Ghaemmaghami (pictured) is just as likely to dash you off a love poem as he is to issue a return to Bettws.

He is the Bard of the Buses, always ready with a cheery smile, and if you don’t like one poem there’ll be another one along in a minute.

Iranian-born Keyvan, 50, has scribbled literally thousands of instant poems as special favours to his travelling fans and has self-published two poetry books.


“My poems are about the people and the concerns they have be they problems with love or anything else. I drive all the routes throughout the city and because of my poems I have become a family friend to thousands of people.

Wow! And what a way to use words and creativity to encourage and connect with people.

I was reminded of the Poetry Bus Competition on King County’s Metro Transit. Poems on the bus are great. After all, was poetry written to be read while sitting stationery at a dusty desk? On the rare occasion I find myself on a Metro bus in Seattle, I’ve enjoyed looking for the poem among the ads. I can imagine how refreshing and fun it would be to ride along with a driver who scribbles verses.

There’s something about creativity that breaks through the heaviness and builds beauty in moments of strife. Reading (or writing!) a poem is like taking the time to drink a glass of water, dip beneath the surface of a pool or reflect on a photograph. Katherine has been expressing her stress in a couple poetic posts. Imagine an entire blog of poetry…

Reading about Keyvan Ghaemmaghami reminded me of my own attempts with wit and rhyme. Sometimes in a pinch I’ve found that making up silly verse can help cheer my girls. I tend towards a psuedo-Seussian style that would make my college poetry teacher embarrassed but it makes my own daughters laugh. (I am quickly learning all the words that rhyme with Abigail, Michaela and Elisabeth, as well as their nicknames.) Singing my dental ditties can help them open their mouths in a smile. Or here’s one that comes to mind…

Now here is something I would like to read:

The Bard of the Buses blog with an RSS feed!

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