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What the doctor said to our daughter

September 2nd, 2004 · No Comments

  • “I’ll put it in my collection.”

    (spoken in regards to my 3-year-old’s unusual feature.)

  • “I’ll have to get the exorcist to take it out.”

    (said as a joke to my 3-year-old. Do most 3 year olds understand exorcism? And is exorcism a joke?…)

    This was our first visit with a specialist, someone experienced and respected. Yet it didn’t feel like a great relational fit for our family. And this clinic doesn’t get high marks for toys and trinkets. They didn’t even have sunglasses that fit children’s faces to protect dilated eyes.

    I’m wrestling with a difficult decision: how to select the right physician to perform surgery on my child. It’s a minor procedure. We can take some time to determine who might be best for the job. But this is the first occasion where we’ve had to make this kind of decision as a parent, and it is hard to know what to do and whom to choose. Any advice?

    Then again, Ted reassured me with the truth that it isn’t the doctor who is in control of it all. Despite whatever level of skill, training or relational ability, no matter how well he can wield a scalpel, the doctor is only a tool in Someone’s hands.

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