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Ten things I appreciate about Ted

September 21st, 2004 · 1 Comment

Through the past few weeks of travel and adventure, I’ve appreciated – and learned – many things about my husband. I’ll list ten of them here…

  1. He tells the truth and he does what is right, even if the consequences are painful.
  2. Ted often stays calm in stressful situations: he is patient and forgiving.
  3. I can trust him.
  4. He took tennis lessons as a child. (new information for me!)
  5. He learned how to play pool as a child (also a new one!)


  6. He doesn’t let heavy circumstances in our adult lives weigh on the kids; even if things aren’t going so great for us grownups, he is still able to play with our daughters and have fun with them.
  7. He looks cute listening to iPods at the Apple store.


  8. He looks cute putting huckleberry jam on fry bread.
  9. I love it when he reads stories to the girls. They love it too.


  10. He loves me and believes in me more than I believe he does.

P.S. I’ve thought about starting a blog for cute pictures of Ted but instead, here is a flickr set, sure to grow in time and love…

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  • 1 Katherine // Sep 29, 2004 at 6:52 am

    Your marrriage is so encouraging 🙂