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First Day of Autumn

September 23rd, 2004 · No Comments

I agree that the year disappeared. Fall arrived fast. This year it seemed to come with September, a surprise, stealing our usual lingering Indian Summer and replacing it with wet cool weather, like a Grinch on Christmas. We grab fleece jackets before we go outside and tomorrow we’ll pack the sandals in boxes for next summer. My calendar on the wall says today is the First Day of Autumn but it has felt like fall for a while.

I have many summer loves. But there are reasons why I like autumn too. I like snuggling beneath extra blankets in bed. I like exercising in a T-shirt and sweat pants. I like making pumpkin bread and hot cider. I like the colored leaves and the fall flowers: pansies and chrysanthemums.

I liked these two other essays describing the sweetness of the season.

How do I know it is fall?

The harvest is here.


And I am a soccer mom again.


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