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Conversations continued…

September 24th, 2004 · No Comments

  • Scott Koon replied to my question: Perhaps one may ask, which side of Puget Sound is God’s side? 😉 with his assertion

    It’s obvious that God favors the Olympic Peninsula. It’s at least the most awe inspiring.

    What a relief. I’m glad I don’t have to argue the truth with him! 😉 He provided some lovely photos as proof.

    Scott described himself as a Wannabe, sharing how he longed to live in Seattle for years. I’ve always wanted to live here. He’s not the only one[via Dave]. Funny how Dave Winer’s arrival here has highlighted the pleasures of Puget Sound living, and brought out those pining to live in the Evergreen State…

  • Rayne wrote another great piece on motherhood angst, comforting me in my poor-parenting fears with her quotes describing how American children two centuries ago lived on whiskey.

    I resolve to stew somewhat less about my children’s nutrition, and try to fret less about more of the small stuff of parenthood.

    I agree! Thanks for the encouragement! It is amazing how we mothers always seem to find some cause for great concern, even more foolish nowadays with the blessings of health, education and prosperity we enjoy.

  • After I published my post on the Seattle Times blogger stories this week, I saw Anita Rowland’s post with her perspective and her link to J.P. Stewart’s surprise. Myk O’Leary put together a list of resources for Seattle bloggers.
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