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Getting dizzy on U2 blogs

September 24th, 2004 · 2 Comments

The last time U2 released an album, I wasn’t a blogger. I was a bit less aware of the world than I am now. I wasn’t aware of All That You Can’t Leave Behind until it took over the Grammys. The most I listen to the radio is whenever I’m put on hold. So I don’t keep up with music news and new releases well. If I turn on the radio, it’s for a quick NPR update, before turning the music control in this household back to the younger generation who seem to prefer banana songs to Bono. (this paragraph contains some slight exaggerations).

Ah, but this time around I am a blogger, and a blogger who reads other bloggers. Somewhere earlier this year I discovered U2 Sermons, which seems to be U2 news, links to other bloggers and sites rather than pontifications. From Beth Maynard’s posts, I learned that “Vertigo”, the new single from the upcoming album (hype starts here), has been playing on the radio already. Today she linked to this site which has some reviews – everything from Best single since “The Fly.” to “Bono can’t count in Spanish very well. Can we listen to the mole song (“Elevation,” of course) instead?” (Sarah, age 5)

Those interested in reading further commentary or finding a version of “Vertigo” to download can do what I did last night and take Feedster for a ride . Already there are plenty of links to U2 and to mp3s (isn’t that illegal though?!). Lots of bloggers dizzy from Vertigo, or maybe it’s just contemplating the mystery of what it will mean to dissmantle an atomic bomb or trying to determine what sort of scene the lyrics of the first single illustrate (in typical U2 fashion, it seems Vertigo could be describing anything from the sexual to the spiritual or all of it). I guess I just added one more post to that pile…

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  • 1 Beth // Sep 24, 2004 at 9:27 am

    I’m glad you enjoy the sermons blog, which is really a shameless book promotion mixed with a little blogging just for fun.

    Ethically, U2 is a “pro-bootleg” band for *unofficial* releases (e.g. live shows), which this isn’t. However I have no personal issue with listening to an audio capture of the song as played on a radio station as long as I know, which I do, that I will be purchasing it at full price and deleting the audio capture at that point.

    I loved that kid who wanted to listen to the mole song.

  • 2 Scott Rafer // Sep 27, 2004 at 12:31 am

    Thank you for trying us out. What we’re up to is ok legally, but I can’t speak for all the feeds we search.