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If a picture is worth a thousand words then what is a MP3 worth?

October 14th, 2004 · No Comments

A question I’ve been pondering as podcasting continues to catch fire. For now I’ll say that I don’t anticipate any mp3’s being posted at this blog in the near future…although Ted and I had fun the other night joking about making a podcast from our pillow talk…;-)

But pictures, we have plenty of pictures…

The girls have updated their blog with some photos from the meetup.

I think this one of Ted is one of my favorites.


I don’t know how Abigail took this picture but I like the look on my beloved’s face. I like how the world seems to be swirling around him, the neon lights blurring, and yet he is there, constant, in the center, with intense passion on his face.

I also have pictures on my flickr page from a recent trip to Pritchard Park newly acquired by the City of Bainbridge Island.


With friends we enjoyed walking along the beach, building sand castles, identifying racoon and deer tracks and hiking in the woods.

Pritchard Park is also the site of the Bainbridge Island WWII Nikkei Internment and Exclusion Memorial. The first people forced to leave the island under Executive Order 9066 left from this land at Pritchard Park. As the memorial stone says Let it not happen again.

The gate that will be placed at the memorial is on display at the Post Office on Winslow Way.


Beneath it, again, the autumn maple leaves, perhaps symbolic in their violent hue…


Ah, but if mp3s are what you are craving, then head over to Philippe Boucher’s Voice of Bainbridge blog, where you can listen to music from the Blackberry Festival held at Pritchard Park on September 11 to the latest City Council meeting to an interview with Abigail’s ballet teachers

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