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Wednesday senses

September 24th, 2003 · No Comments

Sight of the day:
Abigail looking at the world through her new lavender-colored goggles…and better yet her happy grin from the pool as she splashed about with her protective eyewear.

Smell of the day:
A big thank you to whichever neighbor ordered a big pile of compost! Or maybe it is horse manure. Yummy breeze outside! Oh, these organic gardeners 🙂
Chocolate chip cookie smell inside is much better.

Sound of the day:
At the library, the girls wanted to pick out something from the tape collection. We have already tried a German songbook tape. (I actually can speak a bit of German, from years of studies.) So today Abigail brought me the Japanese songbook (book cover looks a lot like the German one). Then Michaela wanted the Hebrew version. I’ve studied a few different languages but never Hebrew or Japanese – can’t even read their alphabets! But this afternoon, I drove to the pool and back to the accompaniment of “Are you sleeping Brother John?” and “Rain, rain go away” and some other songs I don’t know…all sung in Hebrew!

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