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Someone else likes Rhode Island too!

September 26th, 2003 · No Comments

I don’t usually go shopping multiple times a week, but this week I was a bit unorganized. On Wednesday, I ended up walking past the Hallmark store, while trying to hunt down a good toothbrush for Michaela. Sitting outside the store, in a discount bin, I spied a few different commemorative quarter bears. The bears each have a quarter enclosed in a paw, and the name and shape of the state sewn on the chest. Here’s a picture of the closest example I could find on the web. They looked cute to me, falling into the category of if-I-had-an-extra-$10-I-might-buy-one.

Especially when I saw that there was still a Rhode Island bear in the bin. That tiny state will always hold a huge place in my heart, and in Ted’s too. We each were students there, then we met there, married there (technically in MA, but very close), and stayed there for a few more years, building the foundation of our family, surrounded by a strong spiritual community, people who loved God and us. I thought it could be fun to rescue the Rhode Island bear and send it away to one of our friends there. Or maybe keep it for ourselves as a visible memento of memories. There were some other state bears on discount sale, including Vermont, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Tennessee and Pennsylvania., all keeping each other company in that bargain bin.

Today I went shopping again, and while walking past the store, I peered into the bear discount bin. Rhode Island was gone. I checked a couple times to be sure. Yes, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania – they all were still there. Even Tennessee. But no more RI. I felt a little sad and surprised. Wow, I guess someone else on this small island likes Rhode Island too! And I’m happy that a good bear found a home.

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