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October 24th, 2004 · No Comments

Since I seem to be having difficulty posting regularly these days, here are some other places to visit, ones that I enjoyed this week…

Scott Koon described his passion and admiration for the Code Talkers of WWII.

Bruce Umbaugh linked to From a Physicist and New Nobel Winner, Some Food for Thought: Dr. David Gross proceeded to enumerate what he considered to be the most enticing items that physics had learned enough to be ignorant about in 25 different areas. I like this one:Can we measure the onset of consciousness in an infant?

Dr. Gross was the thesis advisor for Frank Wilcek (otherwise known as Betsy Devine’s husband) and they are sharing the Nobel Prize along with a third scientist. Betsy Devine has started a category on her blog to chronicle their family’s Nobel adventures

Top Ten Summer Classical Party Hits from Alex Ross.

Horseshues anyone? pretty cute and educational too…I could have used such financial lessons as a kids…

Lisa Dusseault shared some tips for making wedding stuff, lessons easier learned the easy way…

Do you take this baby to have and to hold? Amira Lucia’s daddy wrote a wonderful essay describing transitions of marriage and parenting. I agree with how sudden they can seem and hope to write more on this topic sometime….

Trudy Schuett compiled statistics on Halloween including pumpkin production, pounds of candy and number of trick-or-treaters…I’m curious how much money is paid for post-holiday dental bills!

Philippe Boucher has started Winslow Tomorrow- the Community Blog to help report and facilitate discussion on the future of downtown Bainbridge Island. I think this community blog is a great idea!

mantis fu via Tom Harpel One of the flickr readers wrote: This is a photo that deserves 43 comments.

Speaking of flickr, I have updated my page with a few photos…and yes, the girls have also updated their blog, including the story of a pomegranate journey at the grocery store…and a hippo who wears (homemade purple fleece) pajama pants – maybe Happy will start a blog too….

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