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Life as a local celebrity (blogger)… and the expansion of the Puget Sound blogosphere

November 28th, 2004 · No Comments

In the two weeks since the story on local bloggers graced the front pages of the Sun and Bainbridge Islander, it’s been fun to receive others reactions. Friends and neighbors have commented to me. Sometimes people call me a “celebrity” or “famous” but I simply smile in return: funny joke! No strangers have yet approached me and I haven’t had to avoid any autograph seekers while shopping. Many bloggers sent links and congratulations. I’ve heard many compliments on the piece. Through emails and comments I met some new people and bloggers – thanks!

One friend noticed that the article didn’t mention our homeschooling. I know that space was limited and journalist Jim Thomsen couldn’t include all aspects of my life in a finite article on blogging. However, a close examination of pictures included in the paper will reveal some clues. For example, in addition to a small tooth box on my desk, I also had a model of plastic teeth, a kit I bought for Abigail to assemble. Lying in the “In Box” are pictures of the presidential debate candidates from years present and past. In the picture featuring my daughters, there is a brightly color abacus and clock, a teaching toy from my own childhood, visible on our kitchen counter.

Other items on my desk include an Out of the Grey CD and liner notes (preparing for a blog post I was planning), my notebooks for blogging, household items and homeschooling, a Bible and a copy of Mark Pilgrim’s Dive into Python.

Of course, I knew that Jim would take pictures when he came to interview me for the article. So I could have cleaned my desk and removed all items from the house that would have seemed strange in a picture. Like the brightly colored clock and abacus, or the various dental items on my desk. But I wanted to be as authentic as possible and leave what someone would see if visiting our home. I did clean my desk, but it is cleaned at least once a week, although I have started storing library books there too. I have gotten many compliments on the pictures too – thanks Jim!

Other bloggers have seen the piece and linked to me. Seattle journalist and blogger Matt Rosenberg included a mention in his post Puget Sound Blogosphere Expands. Other local “underbloggers” listed are Skor Grimm, Sharks With Lasers, Mark Atwood, Seattle Sense, Pajama Jihad, Josef and The Daily Recycler. It’s always fun to meet new “faces” in the blogosphere and to see who else is out there…so many interesting blogs to read!

Matt Rosenberg also authored an article in this month’s Seattle Magazine (article available on-line through Ambra Nykolthanks!). Bloggers featured include , Ian Spiers of Brown Equals Terrorist, Natasha of Pacific Views, Ambra Nykol of Nykola.com, Andy MacDonald of Sound Politics and Stefan Sharkansky of Shark Blog and Sound Politics.

I liked the photos, especially since I recognized Natasha immediately. I find that the colors and graphic presentation of the article add to its richness. Although Natasha is the only blogger I’ve met, I have been reading the others for a while. The piece includes explanations why each blogger chose to start posting, describing their stories, motivation and passions. At the end the author put a link to other blogs, including Seablogs and Meetup. It’s a great piece and I hope that everyone featured enjoys the time as a local celebrity blogger…and that many new readers and bloggers become connected!.. Thanks to Matt Rosenberg and a toast too to the expansion of the Puget Sound blogosphere…!

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