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What’s that, Mom?

October 10th, 2003 · No Comments

The other day we were at a friend’s home. My friend has an old toy phone, from her own childhood, plastic with big blue eyes, rotary dial and long string cord to an orange receiver. It might have wheels on it too. Elisabeth wasn’t sure what to do with it, looked at it strangely. But then moments later another child gave her a more-modern toy phone, plastic with buttons that made noise, smooth and cordless. Next time I looked at my baby, she was holding this toy under her neck, as if she wanted to have a conversation! Ah, to realize that I am raising children who won’t even know what a corded telephone is….! (I notice that Natalie, fellow one-year-old and daughter of our friends Enoch and Tania, also likes her faux cell phone )

Another accomplishment for Elisabeth this week has been no more milk mess. When drinking milk, she used to slosh it all over the tray, all over her clothes, spitting it out down her neck. I wasn’t using the spill-proof valves inside her cup, so of course, she was able to spill a lot. And I think she even entertained herself by spitting milk back out of her mouth, like a little waterfall, making a mess. Boy, did she smell, like sour milk, and I had to change her clothes after each meal. Wasteful in many ways!

But whenever I would try to put the valve in the cup, she’d protest. Elisabeth would cry and look at me, unable to suck from the cup. Afraid she would get dehydrated, I’d give in and take the valve out, giving her back her beverage freedom. I was amazed at the mess though, declaring to Ted that I didn’t remember the other two being so stinky! I must have been using the spill-proof valves with them, although I remember I taught Michaela early how to use a regular cup so that we could travel easier.

This week though, when we got the bill from the milk man, I decided Elisabeth needed to learn to drink with the valve. And somehow she did, one morning. Must have been thirsty enough. It sure is nice to have less mess to clean up. And more milk in the refrigerator.

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