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Hippo happy

October 10th, 2003 · No Comments

I’ve mentioned a bit about Abigail and Elisabeth… here’s a post about Michaela. For her birthday she got another hippopotamus toy, a smaller green and pink one. She named it Hippopotamus – or sometimes she says Hippomopotamus – and it became the baby of Hippo, the big beige one she got last year (thanks to Uncle Doggie and Auntie Kathy!). For her cake this year she wanted another pink hippo cake, and I made her a card to match. Michaela is hippo happy.

The other day Ted found in the newspaper a cute AP photo of a baby hippo, Jazzi, and her mother, Funani, at the San Diego zoo. Titled “Baby bobber”, it quickly became a favorite. This afternoon I tried to look on the web and find this picture or other photos of Jazzi but I couldn’t find any. I was surprised: I remember years ago, when Abigail was much younger, we enjoyed watching the zoo’s baby panda grow via the web site. We did find this article about Funani’s two older daughters , also at the zoo.

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