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What I learned about blog traffic from Miguel de Icaza

February 6th, 2005 · 1 Comment

Soon as I followed Ted’s link last week to Nat Friedman’s pictures (scroll down) of Miguel de Icaza I couldn’t wait to see what Joey deVilla would do with them. I had to wait a few days, but Joey’s captions on these imitations of Bill Gates’ 1983 Teen Beat poses were worth it.

These hilarious photos of Miguel, made even more hilarious by the Accordion Guy’s humor and open source insight, reminded me of the blog traffic tip I learned last November.

Although I’ve never met Miguel de Icaza, Ted has gotten together with him. In fact they saw each other when Miguel was in town last week. At ApacheCon in November, when Ted saw Miguel, somehow it came up in conversation that the girls and I also blog. Ted wanted to give Miguel the urls for these two blogs, so he wrote the following post:

Miguel de Icaza: click here

Julie’s blog

The kid’s blog

I noticed a spike in my traffic that day. Even more dramatic was traffic at the girls’ blog. Usually I can count on one hand the number of visitors to their space. However, when looking at the statistics that week I saw a huge spike around the day of Ted’s post, an increase in visitors by a factor of 100:

It appears that there are more than 300 Miguel de Icazas in the world.

Either there are a multitude of Miguels (clones, certainly, all posing for those Teen Beat pics) or people’s curiousity gets the best of them, when they see something such as Miguel de Icaza: click here

I wonder whether this technique can drive traffic to sites using other names, perhaps other bloggers, celebrities, models…. Just type XXXX click here (insert link where you want traffic to go)! and discover what will happen….then thank Miguel for me. (Hmmm, wonder what I’d have to do to get Ted to do the Teen Beat poses…)

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  • 1 Chris // Feb 6, 2005 at 6:17 am

    I can speak with authority on this one:) The celebrity name association can account for a tremendous amount of web traffic. I get several thousand visitors a month just from people looking for Chris O’Donnell.

    For years my tag line on the blog was “Collecting hits on Chris O’Donnell naked since 1995.” Then one day I wrote something about Brittney Spears, and though the magic of Google logic found myself in the top 10 for “Brittney Spears naked.” You can imagine what that did for my site traffic.

    The traffic spikes are fun, but the reality is none of those people ever come back, leave a comment, or become part of the small community that is ODonnellWeb regulars.

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