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Under water

February 10th, 2005 · 1 Comment


Been underwater with household responsibilities, duties and illnesses this week; that’s my excuse for my slower pace of posts (as well as losing connectivity last night).

Guess I’m not the only one going underwater around here. Tuesday morning I was surprised to learn that the Poulsbo Marine Science Center is closing its doors on Valentines Day. It’s a small aquarium but a local one with rooms of touch tanks, a submerged videocamera, a plankton microscope and an octopus. Plus piles of puppets and a large felt board the girls always enjoy. All this only a short drive from our home, over the bridge, and for less than half the admission price of the Seattle Aquarium (not to mention the ferry costs).

For five years now I’ve taken the kids there: I remember taking Abigail before she turned two. We happened to visit the Marine Science Center around ten days ago although we had no idea that would be our last time. That visit was probably one of our best ones: a volunteer befriended us during feeding time and as we followed him around, he told us stories from his experience, pointing out the first tank given to the Center, made from an old high school fire door by students, teaching us how to tell an eel from a fish, and cautioning the kids not to put their fingers in the tank while he was adding food. I came home wondering why we hadn’t visited more often and imagining that soon my own kids would want to volunteer there. I’ve posted from our visits to the Poulsbo Marine Science Center here, here, and here.

Apparently from what is published on the web site, the Marine Science Center was having difficulties securing funding. I appreciate that the staff and board decided not to bombard visitors with their budget needs however I wonder whether some advance publicity might have helped provide what they needed. All the creatures will be returned to their native homes by the end of the month. Perhaps though someone will buy the Center.

The Board of Trustees of the Marine Science Society of the Pacific Northwest regrets to announce that it will cease operations at the Poulsbo Marine Science Center on February 14, 2005. The operation requires additional outside funding of $150,000 – 200,000 annually to sustain operations. In the absence of a sustainable source for this funding, the society can no longer operate the exhibit hall and has no plans to resume operations in the future. The Society will entertain offers to purchase or take over operations of the exhibit hall and live marine museum.

If there are people in your life, it’s always good to let them know you love them. And if there are organizations you appreciate, you should let them know that too, before it is too late.


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  • 1 david // Feb 10, 2005 at 5:20 pm

    That’s just so sad. We have a smallish maritime center nearby in Norwalk, CT. They aren’t shy about expressing their financial needs which I suppose now in light of your story is a good thing.

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