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Joy to the body!

October 26th, 2003 · No Comments

Earlier this week Michaela bounced around the house proclaiming “Joy to the body!” We had been reading some proverbs, and I don’t know if she had gotten a bit confused about a verse that read “joy to the bones” but it was quite a perfect illustration to see her vibrantly jumping with joy. Michaela loves to jump. Like Tigger she bounces from place to place. She hops when she’s happy. She pounces when she’s frustrated. It seems she’d much rather jump than walk.

Abigail is learning new ways of expressing herself with her body also. This past week she started her combination dance and gymnastics class. It’s cute to sit and watch her point her toes while wearing a white tutu skirt. She likes it a lot. Now at night she wants to demonstrate what she’s learned, and she tries to show us what a “toe party” is!

Elisabeth learned a new hand signal this week: “Thank You”. We’d been trying to teach her for a little while and suddenly she caught on. Now, every time I use the words “thank you”, she puts her hand over her mouth to make the sign. Between signs and sounds, she can ask, at least in general ways, for almost everything she needs.

Watching these children grow up brings us much joy to the body – and to the heart and soul.

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