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$2.00 bagels

May 10th, 2005 · 2 Comments

Capra hircus is proud to announce and distribute the debut album of the local improvisational, progressive, slightly a capella band Triach Trio & Ivan Sly.

Don’t click this link unless you like addictive ditties describing expensive bakery goods. This mp3 plays less than 4 minutes but will last much longer in your mind. I played it for my family on Saturday night to see if anyone knew how to describe it. Progressive and acapella were words that came to mind. Someone else thought it was a fugue, with three parts. Whatever it is, we adults and kids, captivated, spent the rest of the evening discussing $2.00 bagels, $100 bagels, 50 cent bagels, laughing and imitating the chanting. All I have to do is say two dollar to my kids, and the rhythm begins again. I have no idea who these musicians are other than they are probably acquaintances of Adrian Sampson. But the music is fun, revealing the intense creativity of TTIS and at the same time teaching me to consider the simple power of syllables and the natural music of words. Click this link and you’ll never think about the cost of bagels the same.

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