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March 10th, 2006 · 1 Comment

Alas, I’ve run out of Computer Time so I apologize in advance for my lack of linking in this post (will try to make up for it later)…but I want to make a quick post about SXSW. I leave tonight for Austin (red eye flight) and I am looking forward to getting away this weekend, enjoying an invigorating conference, and seeing new and old friends.

Bloggers in Love – Sunday March 12 at 3:30 pm – is a panel and discussion I’ve wanted to do for years. Thanks to Hugh Forrest for helping it come together and letting it happen at SXSW. Thanks to Lisa Williams for being the moderator and fairy godmother. Thanks to Jeneane Sessum, George Sessum, Chris Pirillo, Ponzi Indarasophang, Heather Champ and Derek Powazek for agreeing to be on the panel and share from their lives. I look forward to learning and listening to new perspectives and stories from people on the stage and in the audience as we have conversations.

Besides Bloggers in Love, I hope to be at some of the Blogher sessions, also Blogging While Black, James Suriowiecki and whatever else catches my fancy. I wish I had time to post a proposed schedule (as Lisa Willilams and Betsy Devine did). I want to check out Fray Cafe on Sunday night.

Mostly I want to make great connections. This may be the last conference I am attending for a while (no more on the calendar for 2006 at this point) and I’d love to get together with people and have fun. I hesitate to put my phone number or hotel in this post, but if you’d like to see me, please comment below or email my yahoo account (harrowme). I arrive Saturday morning and leave early Monday morning.

I hope to check email again tonight but then I will be without a computer until Monday night. The resuscitated laptop we do have is not worth the effort to take it. Please reach me by cell phone if you have my number.

Looking forward to seeing everyone who will be in Austin!

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