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Chop Suey Art

November 14th, 2003 · No Comments

My brother’s band Spiral has a show tomorrow night at Chop Suey . I’ve never been but I know my brother is excited about the opportunity to play there. In today’s paper there’s an article about tonight’s show at Chop Suey with band IQU, and the calendar mentions Spiral there tomorrow night. Curious, I looked at the club’s web site, to try to learn more about this place. It was interesting looking through the flyer art page.

I’d love to go to one of Spiral’s shows. Since we live on Bainbridge and have been busy with babies these past few years, it’s been hard to find a sitter and get away to a show in Seattle. I’ll be here at home tomorrow night but maybe I can go sometime. I admire my brother’s creativity and it’d be fun to see him in action, playing bass, singing, maybe wearing one of his costumes. So far, all I’ve heard are the Spiral CDs. We don’t play Spiral too often, as it’s not quite my style of music, a bit loud for me, but the girls love it, (requesting “Can we play Uncle John’s music?”) and anything my brother loves gets a piece of my heart too.

For anyone else interested in going to Chop Suey or listening to Spiral, there are sample songs on the band’s web site Ear Candy


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