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Cheap Thrills for $1

November 15th, 2003 · 2 Comments

Yetserday I took Abigail and Michaela on the bus. We went to Seattle to get Ted a piece of luggage on sale and then came home, taking the bus from the ferry to our neighborhood. The girls were thrilled. I don’t know when I’ve last seen them so excited. Last year when Ted’s parents came to town we took the bus to Chinatown, but that was a while ago: Abigail barely remembered.

We sat in the seat along the windows near the door, by the front of the bus. I think that helped the girls be able to see, since they could look out the driver’s windshield. They held onto the poles, sat on the edge of their seats and smiled through the entire ride.

“When can we ride the bus again?” asked Abigail, before we had even reached our destination.
“Whee!” said Michaela., eyes wide.
Soon as we walked in the front door, Michaela said to Ted, “How much we loved the bus!”

The rest of the day, whenever I would mention the bus, or even the possibility of riding the bus again, the girls would get excited, jump up and down, shout “Hurray”. “We love the bus!”

Wow, all that fun, and it only cost me $1 – fare for me. It’s good for the environment, conserves gas and energy too, convenient- wow!

As the girls bounced up and down, declaring their love for the bus, I said, “Maybe we should make a Public Transit commercial!”

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  • 1 Katherine // Nov 16, 2003 at 8:00 am

    VTA Bus 26 has a stop-on-demand a few minutes’ walk from our house, and Vallco Mall is a few more stops down the road. So several times I have hopped on the bus with one or both kids to go do an errand – and have such “excitement” in our lives along the journey! Jason seems to have grown out of the wonder of it (he didn’t even want to come last time), but Emily is still fascinated. We count the people (for one stop we were the only females on board, with 8 men…), read the cautionary signs, observe the pull cords for on-demand stops and the bouncy driver’s seat…and quickly leap up to get off before we miss the mall!

  • 2 Julie // Nov 16, 2003 at 10:22 pm

    That’s great that you get to ride the bus to the mall! I forgot to mention in my post that the girls asked if we could ride the bus to their friend Lili’s house, and I sadly had to say no. The buses on the island run from neighborhoods to the ferry boat (and from the dock to the neighborhoods), but not across island. How fun that you choose to take the bus and have adventures!