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Scenes from Seattle in autumn

November 15th, 2003 · No Comments

Took the two older girls downtown yesterday afternoon. Abigail and Michaela came along with me to buy a new suitcase for Ted. Elisabeth stayed at home to take a nap. Ted dropped us off at the ferry terminal for the beginning of our little amublatory adventure.

Ted needed a new bag for some travels. I found it at the Rand McNally store at Rainier Square on sale for 25% less. It’s an Eagle Creek bag, and they usually keep their prices pretty tight. We probably ended up saving close to $100, if we had paid to have it shipped to our house express (the sale is still on for another week, if anyone else is interested!). I had hoped to buy it at a store in Bellevue somewhere since I am more familiar with the suburb, and I’d be able to find a parkling place better.

But it actualy was a blessing to pick it up in downtown Seattle, after Ted and I worked out a few details, such as Elisabeth napping at home. Whenever I walk onto the ferry and then walk off into downtown Seattle, I realize how wonderful it is to be able to live in the country, out here on an island, in a little town, yet in 35 minutes I can be on foot in the city, without a car. Convenient!

The one catch was trying to figure out how to take care of the two girls and a suitcase while walking the ten city blocks to the terminal. Putting Michaela in the backpack for the walk back to the boat helped, although I was pretty tired by the end of the walk. I am out of shape, and it’s been a while since I carried a three year old on my back!

The trip was a treat though. The weather was dry and cool. The view of the Sound and sky, autum leaves and buildings.

The Post Office is framed by golden maple trees on three sides: I liked the vibrant color of the tree against the brick building.


I took this photo while at a Federal Building, across the street from the Post Office – here agian the maple gold against brick red. I also liked the herringbone contrast to the maple leaf shape.


One picture that I didn’t catch but wish I had, was a woman, in gray and black, gently jogging on the sidewalk, holding a half-dozen long-stemmed white calla lillies in her hand. I wondered where she was going, trying to hurry. A wedding? A photo shoot? A florist shop? The ferry?

On the way home it was getting dark and cloudy, the sky heavy, so much so that I didn’t try to take pictures of Seattle from the water (also I was too tired to get up out of my seat, take the suitcase with me, etc…)…
Yet through the boat window we could see this sight of bright light coming down breaking through the clouds and onto the sea. Hope from the heavens.


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