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The Happy Husband

November 28th, 2003 · No Comments

Via Fragments from Floyd this week, I discovered The Happy Husband. Fred linked to the story Anything in the World , describing how Mr. and Mrs. Happy built their relationship as best friends, as seen through one moment and a watercolor painting (picture included in the blog!). “I see a picture revealing two people on the cusp of adulthood looking onto an indistinct world where even a tree, normally a symbol of firmness and stability, fades out of sight. … I remember how I felt about that future myself—unsure, overwhelmed, slightly terrified—and now I look back on it with fondness and thankfulness that we were able to meet it together.

Intrigued, I kept scrolling through this blog, learning more about The Happy Husband subtitled celebrating marriage in a hostile world .

On this blog, I plan to celebrate marriage, to share my joy with others, and to communicate things I’ve learned about being married. Mostly, though, I hope to encourage and be encouraged by others who might feel oppressed by the pervasive negative sentiments in our culture and to provide an opportunity for discussion among others who love marriage or want to love marriage.

I’m happy to find more travelers on this road of loving marriage through the blogosphere!

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