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A Year Apart

November 28th, 2003 · No Comments

In addition to The Happy Husband, today I discovered another blog about marriage: A Year Apart . This blog is subtitled Spending a Year Apart. All Times are Local to Iraq. Apparently, John, the husband, left just about ten days ago for a year of deployment in Iraq. So far the blog describes how the wife, Michelle, is learning how to fix the toilet, and John has posted once from wherever he is.

I found this site, after reading through the wife’s blog Counting Flowers on the Wall – from a link at Anita’s LOL – and I discovered this post In One Year… (excerpts below)

We’ll be without him for Christmas, New Years, all our birthdays and, in a few weeks, Thanksgiving.

In one year I will have made coffee for myself about 365 times.

In one year I will have gone to bed alone hundreds of nights, wishing he was here every one of them.

In one year I hope to sleep through the night without waking up and wondering why it is suddenly so quiet

In one year I will have obsessively checked email thousands of time to see if he has written.

In one year I will have checked the Caller ID hundreds of times to make sure he didn’t call while we were gone.

In one year I will have cried in the shower hundreds of time.

In one year I will have come to find out just how strong I can be when it “comes down to it”.

In one year I’ll have made countless video tapes, CDs and care packages to mail to the desert.

In one year…I just hope he’s back home.

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