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Fire truck fun

December 12th, 2003 · No Comments

One fun tradition on the island happens each December when the fire truck makes the rounds, visiting each neighborhood, driving down the streets, with plenty of colorful lights, honking and loud holiday music. Children run to the windows or rush outside. Neighbors and firefighters wave at each other through the darkness.

The holiday music truck schedule is now on the web, complete with color-coordinated map: nice! We’ll plan to be home on the 17th and see it drive past. In previous years the schedule’s seemed a bit random, and we’ve only happened to see the truck if we happened to be at home, or if we saw the schedule in the paper.

Tonight, somehow, without us mentioning it, the girls started asking when the fire truck was coming through the neighborhood. Abigail recalled how on Christmas Eve last year Grandma called her to come downstairs as the truck drove past our home. If I remember correctly, she was in her bare feet, or maybe even in the process of putting on her pajamas at the time!

Abigail told her younger sisters: “it’s pretty…mostly people stand on their front porches….it’s great. I like it.”

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