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Toystore Temptations

December 12th, 2003 · No Comments

Sinterklaas left Steven Noels family a SuperMag present last week. I had not heard about SuperMag, but the blog picture of the crustacean creation captivated my curiousity. I had already been planning to go to the toy store anyway so on Wednesday the girls and I made a shopping stop.

I am grateful that there is a toy store on the island; it is quite handy at times, when we need a last-minute party present or a little treat. Although the prices are probably a bit higher than Toys R Us and other retailers, saving the gas money instead of driving to either Silverdale (45 minutes) or Seattle (plus ferry fares!) is certain compensation, along with the pleasure of shopping locally. Like many retailers in downtown locations however, space is at a premium and the store has a claustrophobic feel. If I wear Elisabeth in my backpack, then whenever I turn around I risk hitting another customer or knocking toys off of the shelf. It’s a little like a labrynth, with boxes stocked floor to ceiling and also in the center: one could easily get lost or lose one’s children. I’m constantly saying “Excuse me” and keeping an eye on my kids, looking around the corners.

The toy clutter and crowds become an advantage though when trying to shop for your own children, as they can be completely distracted. Abigail, I think, was unaware that I bought her Christmas present. She and her younger sister were too busy playing with Teaching Cash Register . Seeing how much fun they were having with the plastic money, I thought about getting them one, but it seemed a bit ironic to spend that much money on a toy, to teach them about handling money!

So I searched for the SuperMag. The store is like a Noah’s ark of toys, with wide variety, very thorough selection and good quality, but usually only a few, maybe two of an item. After looking high and low through most of the store, I found a box, stored on a bottom shelf. I examined it and even carried it under my arm for a while but it didn’t end up coming home with me. Instead I bought Abigail a bucket of Legos. It made more sense to this practical Santa. She’s outgrown the one she has right now. And if I buy Abigail new Legos, then she can give hers to Michaela, and Michaela can give hers to Elisabeth. Everyone gets a new present that way. (yes, I do have gifts for Elisabeth and Michaela too!) Legos were more logical this Christmas. I figured also that the the complexity and cost of the SuperMag made them a more suitable gift for the girls at a later date, like when Baby grows up and stops putting every little bit she sees into her mouth.

But the Supermag definitely tempted me. I figure with the age range of 3 to 99, we’ll have plenty more occasions to purchase one as a gift for the girls. Abigail does like to create shapes, cutting and folding paper into different dimensions. One of her favorite “experiments” in the past year has been constructing geometry with toothpicks and gumdrops. I’m sure Michaela would soon enjoy them too. Plus, this gives me a little more time to get more strength so I can wrestle with the girls for the SuperMag! Looks like too much fun for the kids to have all to themselves :-)!

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