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Michaela likes to work too!

December 13th, 2003 · No Comments

Earlier I’ve blogged about how Elisabeth enjoyed having a job to do, like her older sisters. She’s still doing the silverware. Abigail comes and gets her from her chair after breakfast and they have fun together sorting spoons and forks into the drawer from the dishwasher.

This week Michaela in the morning began doing her chore, sweeping the floor, with a happy attitude. As she says “Sometimes I have smiles when I’m doing it”.

That’s been one of my favorite sentences of the week – and believe me, I’ve heard quite a few! The kids, who are often quiet around others, have been chatting away. I have to keep myself from laughing/choking on my food at mealtimes, while listening to their stories, often smiling across the table to Ted, if not with my lips then with my eyes. 🙂

Here’s another favorite from the week: I liked the word Abigail used to describe her sweater that fastens together with heart-shaped buttons: “heartigan”!

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